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How many calories in wine

The number of wine calories in an average glass (4 fl oz or 115ml) is shown in the table below. Wine can contain up to 15% alcohol by volume so the stronger wines can contain lots alcohol content, and thus a fair amount of calories.

As a comparison, alcohol contains 7 calories per gram and fat has 9 calories per gram. This means that alcohol contains nearly as many calories as FAT! The more alcohol a wine contains, the more energy that it will add to your daily intake. Therefore to lose weight, it may be best to cut out wines and other alcoholic drinks until you have reached your ideal weight.

Also, a good tip is to try cut down on wine calories by introducing a glass or two of non-alcoholic drinks on nights where drinking is heavy. This will help to significantly reduce the calories from wines and alcoholic drinks until the weight is lost.

Wine calories table: 

Wine Wine Calories 115ml Large Glass
Alcohol-free Wine 37 calories 74 Cals
Champagne 96 calories 192 Cals
Dry Red Wine 83 calories 166 Cals
Dry White Wine 77 calories 154 Cals
Rose 82 calories 164 Cals
Sparkling 92 calories 184 Cals
Sweet Red Wine 100 calories 200 Cals
Sweet White Wine 103 calories 206 Cals
Fortified Wines Wine Calories Large Glass
Bianco Vermouth 167 calories 334 Cals
Ginger Wine 190 calories 380 Cals
Martini Bianco 150 calories 300 Cals
Martini Extra Dry 150 calories 300 Cals
Martini Rose 180 calories 360 Cals
Martini Rosso 192 calories 384 Cals
Port 170 calories 340 Cals
Sherry average 140 calories 280 Cals

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